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ZW-L TRANSFORMER - New and More Advanced Version of the Classic Lionel ZW

No single product has come to symbolize the legend of Lionel more thanthe Lionel ZW. That's why we're especially proud to announce a new andmore advanced version - the Lionel ZW-L Transformer. True to thesignature design elements of the original the ZW-L is molded in phenolicresin and features the same distinctive four-handle operation as itspredecessor.

The ZW-L can run up to four trains or accessories at the same time ondifferent layouts. The two engineer-type handles provide independentcontrol of two variable voltage circuits each with built-in whistledirection and bell controls. Two additional accessory circuits can beset by means of the dial-type controls to any desired voltage.

The ZW-L Transformer is designed to give you smoother operation and morerealistic control of your engines and accessories. Operation of the fourhandles now allows for fine control of up to 200 speed steps. It alsoprovides a wider range of control at the minimum and maximum extensionsof handle dial motion and comes equipped with a smoother more durablehandle gearing system. Voltage and current from each of the four channelsof the ZW-L Transformer are cleanly displayed in four easy-to-readanalog ammeter/voltmeter dials that are housed in the dashboard face.

A full 720-watts of power are built inside the unit so there's no needfor separate power bricks. To keep your Controller operating safely theZW-L also comes equipped with an automatic temperature controlled coolingfan a circuit breaker for each channel output and an on/ off switch onthe front. Additionally LIONEL letters light up in blue on the frontface of the unit when the ZW-L is turned on.

Whether you run vintage or state of the art locomotives and accessoriesthe new Lionel ZW-L Transformer provides more realistic conventionalcontrol of your layout operations than ever before!

Brand: Lionel
Power: Electric
Most Recent Catalog: 2016-2017 Track and Power

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